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Stickle Steam Website Launch

by Jeff Tzucker on February 22, 2010

Stickle Steam website

We just launched the new site for Stickle Steam, a 100+ year old family-owned industrial goods manufacturing company. Unlike sites in highly-competitive markets that need to convert visitors into business leads, Stickle Steam only has one competitor and mostly just needed the site to provide a strong brand impression and product information.

While the content is still in need of fleshing out, getting the site launched in a timely manner and at a modest cost was the most important element.

It's a site we're proud of for delivering a high value, high quality product. Read more »

DB Services Website Redesign and Brand Renewal

by Jeff Tzucker on September 16, 2009

DB Services website

DB Services relies on the web for business leads from all over the world. While the old website was generating traffic, it wasn't converting at the pace DB Services needed. They came to us for a new web strategy, built from the ground up. Today, we launched their new identity. Read more »

CCA Sports Website Overhaul

by Mike Dawson on August 3, 2009

Circle City Athletics is Indianapolis' premier organizer of adult sports leagues. We just released a series of major updates to their site that encompassed a rock-solid site architecture, effective content strategy, and modern visual design. Read more »

Enduring Investments Website Released

by Mike Dawson on July 2, 2009

Our most recent design challenge was creating a website for Enduring Investments, a start-up investment management firm. Read more »

StonyCreek Golf Club Website Redesigned

by Mike Dawson on April 6, 2009

We just completed a redesign for StonyCreek Golf Club. Read more »