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Jeff Tzucker

Lead Designer and Content Strategist

Jeff Tzucker

Jeff is our Lead Designer and Content Strategist. His background is a varied mix of communication design, information design, interaction design, and writing. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Arts and Humanities from Indiana University and a Master's Degree in Design from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh.

Over the years, Jeff has worked on many design problems, from courtroom communication strategies to imagining the future of mobile devices to designing the first online-only, teacher-less communication design program. His breadth provides him the ability to analyze a design problem and propose solutions from many angles.

Jeff believes a website is more than good looks and compliant code—a website is your outreach into a social world just figuring out how technology supports it. Because of this, he believes a website should be thought of as part of an online strategy that ensures your site performs well and provides measurable value.

When he's not designing or waxing philosophic on technology and people, he's probably running, making bad jokes, writing on his blog, or wishing it wasn't too late to have another cup of coffee.

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