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Mike Dawson and Charlie

For as long as he can remember, Mike has been a technology guy. Growing up, he was constantly tinkering with electronics before later immersing himself in computer programming at Purdue University. In 1998, he earned his Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering, concentrating in Software Engineering.

After a stint at Escient post-college, Mike founded Gamma Code in 2001 to serve a handful of small business clients. Over the years, Gamma Code has grown through a referral base of satisfied clients.

Mike's ability as a technologist comes from his diverse skill-set: Software Engineering, Web Development, Systems Administration, Network Administration, and Voice over IP. In Systems Administration, Mike is equally comfortable in either Windows or Linux Systems and he loves Network Administration for the unique challenges it provides. Mike's VoIP business has also grown robustly over the past few years as he helps firms jump into the digital age of telecommunications. However, he considers Web Development his true art form.

Mike and his wife Mollie have a son named Charlie and daughter named Claire. While owning an IT consulting firm is a decidedly indoor livelyhood, Mike likes to spend his free time outdoors rock climbing, fishing, and skiing.

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