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CCA Sports Website Overhaul

by Mike Dawson on August 3, 2009

We just overhauled the website of one of our most loyal clients. Circle City Athletics came to us in 2002 with a problem. They were a relatively small business putting on co-ed sports leagues for young adults in Indianapolis. Their marketing was limited to word-of-mouth, T-shirts worn by prior participants, and table-top placards in bars and restaurants around the Broad Ripple areas. They needed to reach more post-college grads in Indianapolis.

So we went to work building CCA a highly functional website built on a database application in PHP and MySql. Over the years, the site has consistently been upgraded to manage their sports leagues, social events, photo galleries, and campaigns.

Boy did it work! CCA has grown to be the largest organizer of adult sports leagues in Indiana.

But, I built the website like an engineer would. It functioned well, but tended to be lacking in quality visual design. That all changed when Jeff came aboard and together we have perfected the art of gracefully integrating software engineering with design.

Take a look at the new CCA Sports website we think you'll like what you see. And hey, if you are in Central Indiana you might even want to join a league!