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DB Services Website Redesign and Brand Renewal

by Jeff Tzucker on September 16, 2009

We launched DB Services' new website and brand identity today.

DB Services website

DB Services gets the majority of their business leads from the web, with clients coming from all over the world. While their old site was gathering some solid business leads, our goal was to increase leads despite the stiff economic wind of 2009. Further, looking at their web metrics made it clear that DB was getting plenty of traffic, they just weren't converting that traffic into leads.

Taking a step-by-step approach, we first re-crafted the copy on their old site to be more web friendly. Next, we worked on a new logo, began researching their web traffic, SEO keywords, and designed with a new site information architecture. After the foundation was laid, we got started on art direction before moving on to developing a new site from the ground-up. Included in the site is a client intranet for article posts, an extranet for file uploads, a bit of form design, and all the other engineering goodies we include in our sites.

The final effect is a totally new web identity for DB Services. We are looking forward to the "read and react" phase where we watch the traffic and tweak the site to ensure good performance.

Take a look at DB Services new website.