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Stickle Steam Website Launch

by Jeff Tzucker on February 22, 2010

We just launched the new site for Stickle Steam. Stickle Steam is a family-owned industrial equipment manufacturer of steam products and other industrial services.

Stickle Steam website

Their goals for the site were fairly modest, but important:

  1. As a company around since 1907 all in one family, they wanted to stress their history.
  2. Place product information online for both existing and potential clients. This helps existing clients identify which products they have and allowed Stickle Steam to more easily talk to potential clients about what Stickle Steam offers.
  3. Post user manuals for their products to save the labor of email correspondence.
  4. Make their site look better, work better, and be user friendly

As a family-owned business with no marketing budget to speak of, the site needed to be built on a smaller budget. With their assistance along the way for much of the site's content and a streamlined design and development process, we were able to meet all of their goals for the site and budget.

The Stickle Steam site will continue to grow content-wise, but there is now a solid framework for the future of Stickle Steam.

Visit the Stickle Steam website.