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Windows Administration

We're not just hardcore Linux zealots, here at Gamma Code we use Windows servers daily. In fact we really enjoy a proper network of Windows servers. Often times, they provide just the right environment for our clients.

At Gamma Code, we make a habit out of using Windows technology our way. We do this by utilizing the built-in features of Windows to limit the need for you to buy additional software packages. For example, we often forego the cost and hassle of 3rd party backup software and tape backup systems by leveraging Microsoft's own Distributed File System (DFS) and Volume Shadow Copy (VSC) for off-site backups and easy restoration of time-based snapshots of your files.

We're also experienced administrators of all versions of Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, Windows Server Update Services, Terminal Services, IIS, Sharepoint, and various third-party applications like GFI MailEssentials and BlackBerry Enterprise Service.