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VoIP with Asterisk

Compared to just a few years ago, modern phone systems are an incredible value.

In the days of old, your business was forced into closed, proprietary phone systems where vendors would charge for anything they could monitize. This caused high the perception that phone systems have high capital costs.

Now, thanks to the advancements in Voice-over-IP (VoIP) devices and Open Source VoIP software, you can implement modern, feature-packed phone systems at a fraction of the cost.

Save Money with Open Source Software


Gamma Code uses Asterisk, an Open Source software package that has been a big part of changing the landscape of phone systems. Asterisk enables you to run your phone system over your existing data network, with the only cost being the server to run the software and the phones. Did we mention that Asterisk is free? No, really: 100% Free. No licensing or software costs to install and no costs to enable additional features. Free.

Because Asterisk is Open Source, companies and individuals across the globe participate in improving the software through feature additions, software improvements, and bug reports. That openness empowers anyone to contribute, making it a powerful, cost-effective phone system solution.

Prevent Vendor Lock-in with Industry Standards

Vendor lock-in is another common problem with traditional phone systems. Once you've implemented a vendor's phone system, you are traditionally stuck with their telephone handsets. No choice, no competition, no freedom.

The modern phone system is different. Open Source VoIP phone systems use Industry Standard protocols so you have a choice between hundreds of compatible handsets from major vendors worldwide. These vendors are hard at work innovating new features at lower price points so you get the best solution for you business.

Flexibe Configuration is Key

Your business has unique needs in routing calls. Should incoming calls ring a receptionist, a group of receptionists, or maybe an automated attendant? Do you have business hours that dictate how inbound calls are handled? Do you need to record calls for customer service quality checks? Do you require sales or support queues?

Really, there are an infinate number of configuration options out there. Often times, you don't really know what will work for your business until we put your phone system in place and test the use cases. In the old days of proprietary phone systems, the tasks of configuring phone system options relied on archane software systems that only your phone system vendor could use.

You'll love FreePBX, our favorite configuration tool for Asterisk systems. With FreePBX, you can update your phone system configuration through a friendly web interface. You can add an extension for a new hire, setup a phone conference bridge, record a holiday greeting, really anything you can dream. It allows you to easily manage the day-to-day tasks on your system without additional costs.