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Application Development

At Gamma Code, we highly value Open Source software. We run our business on leading Open Source technologies like the Linux operating system, the Apache webserver, the MySql database server, and the PHP scripting language.

We Built Our Own Library

Gamma Code specializes in developing data-driven Web Applications. Gamma Code has developed a core library of PHP software called phpGammaCode created to vastly accelerate the time to market and quality of web applications. This reuseable and extensible Object Oriented software library forms the foundation of all the Web Applications that Gamma Code has developed.

Better yet, we license phpGammaCode to our clients at no charge, so we can ensure competitive pricing on our projects. The days of paying for a copy of software are long gone.

We Comply with Standards

We strive to be web standards compliant for all projects we develop. Therefore, we always develop and validate against modern HTML standards using a long list of best practices. We develop websites semantically using pure CSS layout to achieve better accesibility and graceful degredation for older browsers.