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Content Strategy

Writing is tough. Especially when you're writing about yourself. And when publishing to the web, you can forget about most of the rules you were taught in school.

We take special care in the information provided on the websites we create. After we understand your goals for presenting your brand, we develop a content strategy that defines the emotions and style that best reflect your identity.

Information Architecture

We'll work with you to define a proper Information Architecture that structures content into an outline defining how a user will experience navigating through your website to efficiently locate content.

We'll create an Information Architecture document that serves as a visual representation of your website's navigational structure. We structure the websites we build to be consice and logical with the goal of guiding users to the content they desire with ease.

Write for Users, but Keep Search Engines in Mind

We always write and edit content thinking first about the needs of your website's users. At the same time, we strive to ethically utilize the leading best practices to ensure that search engines are able to properly give your website credit in the rankings for targeted keywords.